About the Conference

About the Conference

The Computer Society of Iran, which is one of the leading scientific societies, is holding the 27th International Computer Conference. The 27th International Computer Conference of the Computer Society of Iran will be held on February 23 and 24, 2022 at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran. The conference is organized in eight scientific tracks in different fields of research in computer science. The titles of the proposed scientific tracks are as follows:

Scientifice Tracks

Technical Program Chair:

Dr. Shahin Hesabi, Associate Professor, Sharif University of Technology

Track 1. Algorithms and Theory of Computation Track Chair:
Dr.Ali Movaghar Rahimabadi, Professor, Sharif University of Technology
Track 2. Signal and Image Processing Track Chair:
Dr. Mansour Jamzad, Associate Professor, Sharif University of Technology
Track 3. Computer Networks and Data Security Track Chair:
Dr. Ahmad Khonsari, Associate Professor, Tehran University
Track 4. Smart Economy and Digital Revolution Track Chair:
Dr. Moslem Habibi, Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology
Dr. Dr. Mohammad Reza Keshavazi, Assistant Professor, ICT Research Institute
Track 5. Computer Architecture and Digital Systems Track Chair:
Dr. Farshd Khunjush, Associate Professor, Shiraz University
Track 6. Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing Track Chair:
Dr. Mohammad Teshnehlab, Professor, K. N. Toosi University
Track 7. Software Engineering and Information Technology Track Chair:
Dr. Hasan Haghighi, Associate Professor, Shahid Beheshti University
Dr. Vahid Shahmansouri, Associate Professor, University of Tehran
Track 8. Challenges and Prospects of Information Technology Track Chair:
Dr. Siavash Bayat Sarmadi, Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology
Dr. Mohammad Ali Akhaey, Associate Professor, University of Tehran

You can view the details for each scientific track below:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Theory of Computations

  • Computational Geometry

  • Graph Theory

  • Game Theory

  • Graph Theory

  • Formal Methods

  • Logics

  • Model Checking and Formal Verification

  • Quantum Computing

  • Signal Processing for Smart Systems

  • Biological Signal Processing

  • Big Data and Multimedia Signal Processing

  • Graph Signal Processing

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Activity Recognition

  • Image Compression, Image Steganography, and Image Steganalysis

  • Image/ Video Data Mining

  • Classic/3D Computer Vision

  • Biomedical Image Processing

  • Motion Analysis and Tracking

  • Stereo Vision and Multi Camera Geometry

  • Other Related Topics

  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

  • Vehicular Ad-hoc networks (VANET) and Flying Ad-hoc Networks (FANET)

  • Cloud Networks, Edge Networks and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Industrial Networks, Real-time Networks

  • Communication Networks, Energy Considerations

  • Data Security, Network Security

  • Computer Network Security, Data Transfer Security

  • Wireless Networks Security, Mobile Networks Security

  • Blockchain and Smart Contract

  • Intrusion Detection Systems, Anomaly Detection Systems

  • Virtualization Techniques Security

  • Security of E-Learning Systems

  • Security of Health Informatics Systems

  • Other Related Topics

  • Digital Industry

  • Digital Transformation Enabling Technologies

  • Digital Customer

  • Digital Society

  • Digital Economy

  • Other Related Topics

  • Hardware Security

  • Interconnection Networks

  • Parallel Processing and Multiprocessor Systems

  • Architectures for Edge Computing and Internet of Things

  • Cloud-based Programming Language Architectures

  • Cloud Computing

  • Systems on Chip

  • Reliability and Testability

  • Large Scale Digital Integrated Circuits

  • Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Architectures

  • Central Processing Unit, Memory and Storage Architectures

  • Low Power Digital Systems

  • Emerging Computing Systems

  • Parallel Architectures, Parallel Processing

  • Embedded Systems, Real-time Systems and Reconfigurable Systems

  • Other Related Topics

  • Soft Computing and Smart Systems

  • Deep Learning

  • Cognitive and Brain Science

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Software Development: Frameworks, Tools and Languages

  • Software Architecture

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Web and Mobile Engineering

  • Software Testing

  • Self-Adaptive Systems

  • Formal Methods

  • Database Design and Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • E-government, E-Commerce, and E-Business

  • New Digital Technologies

  • IT Project Management

  • Other Related Topics

  • 5th Generation Networks (5G)

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Internet of Thing (IOT)

  • Big Data

  • Process Robotics Automation (RPA)

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cyber Security

  • Other Related Topics